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Tree Trimming
    Tree Trimming

Tree trimming allows light penetration, air flow through tops of canopy’s.  Tree trimming also removes suckers, dead

  limbs crossing branch and unwanted limbs so crown can shape properly and promote health of the tree.  
  Tree Trimming Reasons for thinning crown - reduce weight on heavy limbs, to get filtered light to grass and landscape down below, allow air flow through canopy which will help prevent limbs breaking.  
  Tree Trimming Reasons for cleaning crown – to beautify branch structure and crown, removal deadwood for safety, cut back broken or diseased limbs for proper healing.  
  Tree Trimming Reasons for crown reduction – to keep tree at certain heights and limbs at certain lengths, to allow light to landscape down below.  
  Tree Trimming Reasons for lifting canopy – to give clearance over roofs cables and streets.  
Tree Trimming Tree Trimming
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